Cover Work Continues...

I think I've finally locked down the concept for the final GTWRAJ cover, but it's gonna take some more time, since it requires a half dozen or so separate illustrations to be put together. To help tide you guys over, I can put up those illustrations as I finish them. If anyone's interested, just say the word...

posted by AdmiralBetas @ Tuesday, May 30 2017 10:07 pm  |  3 comments

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TheCityUnderYourBed, Wednesday, Jun 07 2017 01:25 pm

I'm interested. It'll be cool seeing all the hard work you put into your amazing comic.

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Jun 08 2017 10:08 pm

@TheCityUnderYourBed Great, I'll see if I can get the first part up this weekend.

shoumo, Saturday, Jul 08 2017 11:26 pm

yeah! i love your comic. you can count me as very interested

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