Page 74 Postponed till Tomorrow (the 10th)!

Due to a last minute change in panel planning, I'll need some extra time to finish page 74 of Part 4. I apologize for any inconvenience.

posted by AdmiralBetas @ Monday, Oct 09 2017 09:50 pm   1 comments

Cover Work Continues...

I think I've finally locked down the concept for the final GTWRAJ cover, but it's gonna take some more time, since it requires a half dozen or so separate illustrations to be put together. To help tide you guys over, I can put up those illustrations as I finish them. If anyone's interested, just say the word...

posted by AdmiralBetas @ Tuesday, May 30 2017 10:07 pm   3 comments

Not on hiatus! Practicing!

Dammit SJ, I was gone for like a few weeks...

Anyway, the next Q & A page is still on schedule guys, I was just taking some time to practice some stuff in anticipation of finishing up the new cover. Please lend me your patience.


posted by AdmiralBetas @ Sunday, Apr 09 2017 12:47 pm   2 comments

Q & A Submissions Close Soon!

Enough questions have been sent for a good number of illustrated response rounds, so I'm about to close things out for now. Let's give it till, oh, 8:00 PM EST / 20:00 (UTC - 5) tomorrow.

Once again, submission instructions can be found in Author's Comment in the original Q & A post.

posted by AdmiralBetas @ Sunday, Jan 15 2017 09:39 pm   0 comments

Page 60 delayed due to minor art block

Hi everyone. My wrist is totally fine now, but it seems like I've lost some focus while recovering, hence the delays.

Right now I'm having some trouble figuring out what to do with the last few panels on the latest page; please give it a little more time.

posted by AdmiralBetas @ Sunday, May 08 2016 09:28 pm   0 comments

20/20 Hindsight

So, bad idea to use my drawing hand again so soon; that seems to have reversed the healing a bit. However, through short sessions over last week, I've been able to get most of the work done. Check back tomorrow for the page, guys.

posted by AdmiralBetas @ Tuesday, Apr 12 2016 05:33 pm   0 comments

Welp turned out it was tendonitis...

...and my wrist is still a little stiff, but I think that's as good as it's gonna get for a while, so I'll aim for finishing the page this week of 4/4.

posted by AdmiralBetas @ Sunday, Apr 03 2016 11:55 am   0 comments

Page 59 Delay Due To Injury

I'm typing this with only one hand, but not for the usual reason; I seem to have developed another wrist cramp in my drawing hand. Please allow a few days' worth of recovery time before I finish up the page, guys.


posted by AdmiralBetas @ Saturday, Mar 19 2016 09:14 am   0 comments

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